Hey everyone its Felicia, your fashion statement blogger. I’m here to bring you some great and creative idea’s to make your outfit pop in many different ways!  It’s so simple to what you can add to your outfit so that you can stand out. The plain red dress you have in your closet needs a touch of cheetah print. Add a cheetah print hand bag and shoes watch how your red dress transforms into a bold statement.  I know that you all have that sexy black dress hidden in the back of your closet waiting for the perfect moment for you to bring it out. Well guess what, black goes with anything so you can wear your little black dress when heading for that interview or on a night out of town with your boo. All you do is add some colorful accessories and some bright red lip stick, maybe nude for the interview, and I’m sure it will get the job done. What about those days when you just don’t know what to wear? I know I have! So here’s what to do to fix the problem: grab a pair of your form fitting jeans, a cute tank top and a little sweater if it just so happens to get a little chilly out. Finish it off with a big or small purse or clutch complemented with a pair of flats, knee high boots or sandals. For the nights you want to go out in style and show off some of your assets try a tight Empire waist which will give your lower half more definition and your backside will really pop. If you want to show off those beautiful legs and make that your statement of the night just wear a ballerina dress! The pouf makes your legs stand out even more. Then you have the dress with the tight fit that shows off the curves god blessed you with. Don’t forget you can always add in any necklace of choice including bangles and bracelets which will capitalize the sexiness of your look.

Have you ever had the problem of finding the right colors and what would look right with that color? Do you have a bright colored dress and just don’t know what else to add to it. Well here are some good ideas. Take a risk and mix and match the color’s you have that’s the only way to make it work but only if you’re bold enough to take the risk. If you’re wearing neutrals such as a sheer top or white dress its best to also compliment them with neutral, browns or brass accessories. Neutrals are supposed to come across as classy, elegant and clean so make sure to not over do it with the accessories. For animal print dresses if you’re going to include an accessory it should always be a plain base color that will bring out the print in the dress even more.

I know all of you are wondering if I’m giving you all these amazing ideas for outfits, what about the amazing hair styles. Hair is so simple my beautiful ladies, a straight back pony tail always brings out the inner sexy in all of us or let your hair down and feel the days breeze pass through it. You can go chic and rock a high bun and accessorize it with jewels or hair bands. Ladies, I believe that natural beauty is true beauty but if you like to wear make-up during the day I say go with a natural tone look with a nude lip or lip gloss. But for a night on the town with your lover or girlfriends a smoky eye wouldn’t hurt but it all depends on YOU!

So ladies what do you think? There is so much more I want to share with you so stay tuned for some more fashion statement!!

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