Halloween-candyYesterday a friend of mine offered me a bunch of Hershey kisses which he had lying all around in his car. It is then that it dawned on me, ‘OMG,  October! Halloween! Free Candy!’  I love chocolate and this is the only time when an adult won’t look childish for eating a lot of candy just don’t go overboard with it and end up with a toothache.

So what is today’s blog theme about? You guessed, Halloween! Until the month is over I will be posting DIY blogs about Halloween decoration ideas, food and snacks ideas and Halloween outfits for kids and adults. The holidays are always a fun time to be creative and bring out the artist in you. If you can, spend some time surfing the internet for  some Halloween craft projects that interest you and get started on them. I have four fun, easy, and affordable projects lined up in today’s blog. If you’re projects come out successful make sure to leave a comment below!

Today we will be looking at four DIY projects.

A. Dollar Tree easy skull decoration
What you will need is: fabric glue, decoration eyes and a skull paper template or any Halloween themed paper template. (in the video you will see what I mean when I say template)

I chose this video because its so simple to make and you can easily use this anywhere in the house, school or at work. Watch the video and see how easy it is to get done.

B. Easy Ghost Decoration for outdoor use

What you will need is: several white garbage bags, ghost or skull mask, scissors and a lantern  ghost-Boo

I chose this particular DIY because when you are done the ghost actually looks pretty spooky hung up in the trees at night. Watch how kimberly conlin makes this here:



C. Beautiful Glow in the Dark JarsWhat you will need: any kind of glass jar (ex:mason jars), glow in the dark sticks, scissors, and glitter

When I heard about these I immediately thought how cool it would be for Halloween. For example, place them on the edge of your window pane so you’re windows on the outside will glow at night or place them on your steps at night with some fog smoke and get a creepy walkway on the night of Halloween.These can also be used for other holidays and events as well. Since you are using glow sticks just be aware they will only glow for up to two hours. Watch how missmae144 gets it done.



However, if you need your glow jars to last longer click the link below to watch this video:

D. Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkinjack o lantern and cat

What you will need: a pumpkin, pumpkin cutter kit (or knife, fork, anything that can stab and cut through the pumpkin), plastic wrap, a picture template you will engrave in the pumpkin and a flashlight.

I chose this because not so many people have ever engraved a pumpkin for Halloween. This is a common DIY decoration for Halloween so why not put those carving muscles into work and see how your pumpkin will turn out. Check out this video by tbonecatcher, he does a great job at showcasing how easy it can be done.

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