To all of my fellow ladies out there who are on the come-up, working towards a vision, and struggling with your current situation but striving for progress… kudos, keep doing your thing… this struggle is just for a season and your labor is not in vain.  Embrace this struggle as it is helping to shape you, mold you and bring you higher levels… as long as you stay positive and keep pressing forward.  Please remember this for now as well- You Are Not Your Bank Account.  Although at this time you may have limited financial resources, it does not mean that it will be that way forever, like I said, this is just a season.  For now, I’m going to put you on to some “diva-fied on a budget knowledge” to stretch each and every precious little dollar as we move forward on the path to new levels of fabulousity.

 I was going to get into the cost of living being crazy, the minimum wage being ridiculous, the retail mark up nonsense,  and all that but I came to the conclusion that it’s unnecessary.  All of us in the real world know that ish is real in the field!  

So for me right now besides counting my blessings… praying for an increase in income income, more discipline regarding spending habits and creativity to make what I already have in the closet work for me as much as possible, I use my resources to help me with staying inspired and in tune with current trends, and also for finding great deals. So let’s talk diva on a budget inspiration & resources…

 Fashion Blogs – Penny Pincher Fashion, for example.  The lovely Kimberly Smith of PPF is super classy & very chic.  She posts just about every day, alerting readers to current sales and instructing readers on to how achieve a fabulous look and save money while doing so.  Another interesting blog I subscribe to is Broke Girl’s Guide – This is also a great resource for current sales.  In addition to style advice, they provide some really great tips on living lavish “broke girl” style. 

 Online Outlets – HauteLook by Nordstrom, for example is a great one.  You can find some great investment pieces as well as trendy items that will help you stick to the budget while you enjoy the quality of higher-end products.

 Outlets – We all pretty much know that you can get a decent deal at outlet store. However, I need to use the opportunity to shout out the Lord & Taylor Outlet in Shrewsbury, NJ.  One word: amaze….

 Thrift Stores – Go ahead & see what random and unique hidden treasures you find… I, for one ain’t too proud to dig! 

Fashion Magazines – I love to look at different magazines for inspiration & then either use what I have to create different looks or I’ll check out my local H&M or Forever 21 for pieces that I can use to jazz my look up.  Fashion Mags such as Lucky also feature “deals & steals” on a regular basis. 

Where do you find your deals and steals?  What keeps you style-inspired loves?  Please share!

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