What is Poodle Assassin?


1.      A member of an elite branch of real seekers. A cult designed to destroy stereotype, discrimination and other behavioral disorders. (2003-Present), renowned as beautiful, resilient, intelligent beauty fanatics.
2.     murderer – killer – slayer  – cutthroat
A Poodle Assassin is the most glamorous woman in the room. She is poised, confident, intelligent, loyal and above all transcends color and gender lines. Poodle Assassin is YOU. Poodle Assassin is ME. Poodle Assassin is SHE. Poodle Assassin is HE. POODLE ASSASSIN IS WE.
Cosmetics for HUMANS WITH AN EDGE. We are the love child of Rihanna and RuPaul. This is Empowerment for ALL who lack confidence and to embrace those who are gifted with confidence at the same time.

(cited: www.www.mypoodleassassin.com)

poddle assassin lips

Poodle Assassin is more than just cosmetics as it embraces beauty from all walks of life. Established in 2011 by Ms. Brandie Ford of Cincinnati, Ohio who originally started the cosmetics line focusing on primarily transgendered women. However, recently she decided to make her cosmetic line available to anyone.  This cosmetics line is a movement that transcends above all ethnic groups, races, ages, and gender lines, as it gives anyone who uses the product, confidence by helping them embrace their own beauty. I had the pleasure to interview the creative and beautiful Ms. Ford about her cosmetic line and products.

Ayasha: I would like to say Brandie, I am so excited to interview today. It is an extreme pleasure and delight to feature you as my first interview.

Brandie: No, I am honored that you even asked me and will feature my company on Jerz Life Fashion Blog.

Ayasha: Brandie I am so impressed with your company overall. But your lip fantasies collection, tell me about your product line.

Brandie: We call our lip collection Lip Fantasies, starting with

The Lip Fantasies Collection

Hillz Lip Fantasy

This is a crème matte nude lip color,

  Scandal Lip Fantasy

Bright and vibrant pink, you only need one application of color and it stays on your lips. Long lasting lip color!

Strawbella Lip Fantasy

This Lip fantasy can be used on any and all skin tones ranging from extremely light skinned to extremely dark skinned.

**Celebrity Monica Beverly Hillz loves Scandal & Strawbella

Ssshade Lip Fantasy

is the most popular and right now it is currently sold out. However they are taking back orders on the Ssshade Lip Fantasy. This is a versatile nude color to suit any skin tone.

Dominatrix Lip Fantasy

It is a bad girl color that attracts attention. This is an upscale berry crème lip fantasy. Nice to wear out on a date night, ladies night, or when you are attending a RED Carpet Event.


Ayasha: I love that the fact your lip fantasies are so versatile, trendy, and unique. When looking for cosmetics that everybody else isn’t wearing its sometimes hard to find, and can be frustrating. Personally, I had a hard time trying to find a cosmetics line that matches my skin type, something that I can wear daily, or doesn’t give me an allergic reaction. I think that’s what drew me to your product line, it is very creative and unique from what you may find at your major department stores and big name cosmetic companies.


Brandie: Thank you so much Ayasha, I think that is what makes us different from the rest of the cosmetic lines, because we have quality products and our products tend to be a bit more edgy, which has taken our products to the next level.


Ayasha: Yes, the next level it is for your Poodle Assassin. Now, let’s talk about your next collection of cosmetics.


Brandie: Yes, we have the Luxury Lip Glaze Line

Monica Beverly Hillz

Hillz Lip Glaze

Celebrity Monica Beverly Hillz has her own line created by Poddle Assassin called Hillz Lip Glaze. It is a cool summer time and early fall collection to wear ladies.

Rock Stahr Lip Glaze

Is a nude color for women and men. This lip color can be used also for all skin tones. This is the first installment of this very unique collection.

Virgo Lip Glaze

This is a cute gloss that you can wear daily and it is versatile so you can wear this into work especially if you work in a corporate setting.


Ayasha: What can expect for 2014?


Brandie: We have coming soon The Expedition of Rock Stahr Lip Glaze Line & Brow Powder Squad.


Ayasha: I am so excited and can’t wait for your upcoming lines! I am looking forward to another interview in 2014. Again Brandie it was absolutely a pleasure and honor to interview you today.


Finally ladies and gents make sure you

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