In my early 20’s I was caught up in a destructive lifestyle.  I mistreated my temple spiritually, mentally & physically due to ignorance & being misguided. The Lord began to put people in my life who were geared towards health & wellness due to their past trials which had ultimately led them to make better choices as far as what to put into their body.  I started working out, paying more attention to what I ate & started feeling much better about myself, inside and out. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve been given & I am eager to learn more about this way of life and share my findings with all of you.


Fashion/Glamour/Make-up are some topics of interest of mine.  Before, when I was in the world having no idea of who I was or what I was doing, living day to day with no sense of purpose, I wasn’t sure on how to present myself.  I always had a bit of a sense of fashion, however, being insecure about my height, body, and self in general, I usually wore timberlands, or air force 1’s & white t-shirts, with some cute earrings. It was so bad that I actually remember wearing black air forces to the club!  As I came out of my dark days of depression and self-hatred (sounds so dramatic, but it is what it is), I got to know The Lord; I also got to know and am still getting to know my identity in Him.  I am now and have been coming in to my woman-hood, and I love it.  I have accepted who I am, imperfections and all.  One of the ways that I enjoy celebrating my woman-hood is by “glamming it up”, in a way that is pleasing to the pockets!  I am a Diva on a Budget, and so much more.  I love to help people with their self-images in any way I can & presentation says a lot!


Basically my section will be about Your Body, Your Temple, how to pamper it and how to become one with yourself. It is a routine and a way of life. It is all about balance.

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